Triple game jam

Posted by Cievers on 2019-09-24


Several months, and several worldwide game jams later, we have a few new entries here to play!

GMTK Game Jam 2019

A summer classic, and possibly world's biggest game jam to date, so we were there too. With the theme being "only one", we found some monkeys on a island, and gave them only one coconut. Good luck!

Ludum Dare 44

"Your life is currency, and pay with it you shall!" Or that's what our lovely cook must have been thinking when everyone called his burgers "to die for".

Inter-Actief Game Jam 2019

The first jam of the year, our local sudy association game jam. After going "underground" for some time after the jam has ended to improve the game, it's finally here. A game so boring you might not even notice your totally safe nuclear reator is one fire!

Let's see what the next jam brings!

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