A new website launched!

Posted by Cievers on 2018-12-25


New? I didn't even know there was an old one.
After a year of having an incomplete and already outdated website, the Eonive website now has a completely overhauled look!

Website changes

A new look, is not all that has changed. Previously existing sample texts have been filled in. The news, about and your account pages now have actual content. The functionality of the ideas system has been improved. Issues with the structure of the projects page has been resolved, and finally, the accounts of the Eonive website have been merged with the accounts for the A Night In Waldwick game.

New projects

While the main focus has been on finishing this website, there of course was still time to make a few smaller games! Newly joining the ever-growing list of projects are Bamboo-zled and A Present Mystery, made during the GMTK game jam 2018, and the Extra Credits Holiday Jam 2018. And that's not all! There is also the game with the name no-one can pronounce; Okusanjingijolo! A translation of the word raspberry into Zulu, and a name that fits the gameplay surprisingly well.

Old projects

A part of this website is a showcase of all our projects. What do you then do when your humble origins closes down? Exactly, though not completed by a long shot, the high school JavaScript projects return to Eonive! Artificial Intelligence, and the unnamed Project Tanks are now playable here on Eonive!

What's next?

Now that our base of operations has been completed, we can try to shift our focus towards developing more games. In the near future, we want to try complete a full game, and launch it on platforms other than our own. What the project will be, and how long it will take?
That's the mystery of the future, and only time will tell...

Until then, why not show us your ideas!

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