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We love making games for the good of games. Tell a beautiful story, or deliver an engaging mechanic, for the best possible experience. For your enjoyment, and ours.

Latest news

Triple game jam
Several months, and several worldwide game jams later, we have a few new entries here to play!...

The Boring Game

Have you ever been so bored you wanted to dig a hole through the earth? Be bored no more, and start boring!

This game was origianally made by team ApricotJam for the Inter-Actief GameJam 2019, and heavily improved afterwards.

Crowd supported design

We like to create our games together with you. Everyone can have some amazing ideas, so why not help those get made into games? For this purpose, we have created our own platform for creating, sharing and discovering your ideas right into our website.

Artificial Intelligence

For years there had been rumors about a true artificial intelligence being developed. Theories were developed as to what its purpose was, and what it could do. Could it be among us right this moment? While some celebrated this achievement, others were afraid, unable to trust anyone. Intelligent life, no longer the same.

But after all, they were just rumors...

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